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  •  Hard work is now hard FUN with Bungee Flight, using the 4D PRO ReAction Trainer! This high-intensity, low-impact workout will target every muscle in your body as you pull, push and fly through strength and cardio sequences. This is your chance to suspend your disbelief, defy gravity and soar your way to a Better Body! 
  • BUNGEE EXPRESS  30 minutes, 5 person max. capacity $10+tax, Monday & Wednesday Noon
  • BUNGEE  45 minutes,  5 person max. capacity  $15+tax, Monday 5:30
  • Beginner class offered Wednesday 5:30

HIIT : High Intensity Interval Training

    Strength, endurance, balance, coordination, power and core Circuit training. Using weights, bungees, medicine balls and a variety of equipment including your own body as tools we will "Circuit" through class.  

  • 30 minutes express Circuit training for those need a quick calorie burn.
  • $10+tax, limited to 8 clients
  • Tuesday & Thursday at Noon

  • 45 minutes Circuit training for those wanting a big calorie burn.
  • $15+tax, limited to 8 clients
  • Tuesday  6:30pm


  • FUNDAMENTALS: Perfect for beginners, this class will introduce you, step-by-step, to Antigravity techniques.  Fundamentals introduction is designed to familarize yu with the hammock and show playful & challenging ways to vary workouts.  You will learn all you need to know to safely flip, fly and practice inversions with confidence.  We invite you to discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space. 
  • Classes are 60 minutes, 6 person max. capacity
  • AG hammocks are safe for over 500lbs
  • $15 +tax 
  • Tuesday 5:15, Thursday 7:30pm, Saturday 10 & 11:30am


An intense workout that turns your routine upside down! AntiGravity® FITness is the most physically challenging class that has an acrobatic aspect to it. This class involves flying into flips and inversions, while increasing your flexibility, agility and total body strength. Increase your kinesthetic awareness for better agility, build core strength, elongate your muscles and get a low-impact cardiovascular workout. 

  • Classes are 60 minutes, 6 person max. capacity
  • PREREQUISITE: 2 Fundamentals 
  • $15 +tax
  • Wednesday 6:30


By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, you become acutely in tune with your body

Beginner Mat

Teaching the fundamentals of Pilates. Improve posture and build a whole body awareness in your workout to each level of Pilates. Using prop balls, bands, foam rollers and magic circles.

Intermediate Mat

Teaching Pilates to improve posture and build a whole body awareness in your workout. Using prop balls, bands, foam rollers

 and magic circles.


Springboards are known as a wall/Cadillac using spring resistance training. Teaching to live in our bodies through movement of the spine in all directions.

PMA Pilates Method Alliance

RESTORATIVE AERIAL YOGA AntiGravity® Yoga Restorative is the gentle, healing side of Christopher Harrison AntiGravity Yoga. This powerful method focuses the mind through powerful visualizations as it floats the body through a series of gentle gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body.  It offers accessibility to students with physical limitations, but is loved by all as a portal into deeper spinal flexibility, and mind/body connection. Working from 10 inch hammock heights allows for the gentle opening of hips and spine.

  • All levels welcome
  • Thursday 6:30

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"In life hidden in the forces that pull us down is the energy to lift us up!" 



Single class. $15 +tax

Package of 5 classes $70 +tax (3 month expiration)

Package of 10 classes $135 +tax (12 month expiration)

* Packages can be used for all Classes 

Private sessions and group booking available upon request